Kubeflow on AKS

Kubeflow is an Open Source project which is dedicated to making Machine Learning workflow deployments MLOps to Kubernetes, simple, portable and scalable.

Kubeflow is not a PasS offering and you need to do the setup yourself.

Kubeflow does have a fun, end to end Machine Learning workflow. This trains a model in Kubeflow to identify tacos and publishes that model to Azure Machine Learning Service Workspace. Continue reading →

Azure Machine Learning Service Workspace with High Business Impact

Azure Machine Learning Service Workspace has a premium feature to prevent confidential telemetry data being sent to Microsoft. It’s called High Business Impact.

A prerequisite is Bring Your Own Key added to a Key Vault.

To enable HBI set hbi_workspace = True in ARM or BICEP Template. Once enabled down stream services will selectively disable logging. This feature must be set when the MLSW is created and cannot be enabled after creation. Continue reading →

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The Azure Challenge : Service Fabric 2018

Recently I attended this event @ Microsoft Reactor in London, I was part of a four-person team, consisting of two developers and two ops. This was my first time participating in such an event. Prior to attending I did my homework on Azure Service Fabric cluster reviewing Channel 9 content, automating the deployment of the SF cluster through Visual Studio Team Services and ARM Template. Connecting to the Service Fabric Explorer (management interface) and having a look under the hood. Continue reading →

NuGet considerations

NuGet is the package manager for Microsoft development platforms including .NET. The NuGet client tools provide the ability to produce and consume packages. The packages follow standard versioning control and the version number increases each time it gets updated. All works well until you need to migrate to another Visual Studio Team Services instance. Continue reading →

Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

I had the opportunity to talk at the Global Azure Bootcamp in Riddle Hall Belfast, 21st April 2018.

Interesting to learn what other companies are developing using Azure in Belfast.

My talk focused on developing Infrastructure as Code. Deploying Azure Web Apps using ARM Templates from command line and Visual Studio Team Services. Simulating geo-resilient Web Apps with Azure Traffic Manager.

PowerPoint Presentation including pre recorded demos.

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The seemingly impenetrable ILB ASE v2

Microsoft released their second version of the App Service Environment in June 2017 which included an Isolated SKU.

The Internal Load Balancer with an App Service Environment v2 is a deployment of the Azure App Service with no public endpoints, deployed to a subnet in a customers own Azure Virtual Network. It provides a fully managed PaaS to build, deploy and scale apps running on any platform in a secure isolated environment. Continue reading →

DMARC : Protect your email domain name from being used by criminals

Targeted Phishing Scam

A company I provide consultancy for was targeted with a sophisticated email phishing scam.


The Hacker did the following;

  • Purchased the domain name.
  • Acquired the companies email disclaimer.
  • Was aware that the company generally add the companies first initial when branding internal systems.
  • Sourced approximately 300 seemingly random company email addresses.
  • Setup a fake website to steal the employees personal details.
  • Registered the domain with a free gmail account.

Continue reading →

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PaaS - A Microsoft Azure Journey

I have been working with Azure in various forms for the past 4 years. Initially working with Exchange Online and migrating customers to Office 365. This gave me exposure to Azure Active Directory and Office 365. These are examples of Identify as a Service and Software as a Service.

The term as a Service refers to products and services that are made available to consumers over the internet.

My first experience using Infrastructure as a Service on Azure, occurred when creating a Linux server to host a website, integrate with ADFS / SAML. It was a rushed job. I was impressed at how quickly I could spin up a Linux machine with little required knowledge of Linux, open the firewall to allow SSH, HTTPS and Azure saved the day. Continue reading →